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a2 Doll KIt - Lily

a2 Doll KIt - Lily

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Kits contain everything you need to make a 5" doll that will fit into your hand. They include pre-cut wool-blend felt, wool roving for body and hair, wooden stick for placing roving, glass beads, needle, thread, pins, embroidery floss, and instructions.

They come packaged in 5" x 7" x 3/4" kraft envelopes. The packaging - including the envelopes, labels and instruction sheet - is made of 100% post-consumer recycled content and the entire package can be put into the green bin for composting. They are biodegradable, made in Canada with 100% wool or wool-blend felt, and filled with 100% wool roving from a local farm in Ontario.

The doll kits are quite easy to make in about a day or two. Follow the instructions to make a basic doll out of felt. Then use the extra felt, glass beads, and embroidery floss to dress up your doll anyway that you like!

These little kits make wonderful gifts for the crafty person in your life. Or buy one for yourself and spend some fun time sewing a little doll that will make you smile!

They also make a pretty great gift for the important little ones in your life. Perfect for grandmothers who want to make a wonderful, memorable, hand-made gift for grandchildren. 



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